About Thinklogic

Corporate Profile

The ThinkLogic founders have more than 8 years of experience in Business to Business Marketing. From Publishing to Media Agencies, they have handled marketing projects for several fortune 500 technology companies in the Asia Pacific.

They started Thinklogic as an alternative solutions provider to Lead Generation requirements to most Technology Companies. They found a gap in the current lead generation Eco-system. Most Lead Generation provider do not have a strong knowledge and experience in B2B Technology Lead Generation thus results are below standard.

With Thinklogic’s success in lead generation, the opportunity to expand our services came when clients are seeking advices in their overall Demand Generation campaigns.

The Organization has stood the test of time through a strong, dynamic, and competent leadership at the helm. Upholding the philanthropic vision to serve the business marketing needs of the marketing demands.

Core Values

The Core Values guide every undertaking of the Organization in the fulfillment of its ultimate reason for being. The Company stands for Commitment, Quality, Innovation, Respect and Teamwork.


ThinkLogic is committed to generating and turning over only the results that matter. This philosophy sits at the core of our performance marketing methodology, and you pay only for the traffic and leads that you deem qualified.

To us, demand generation and lead generation is not a numbers game. Throughout every campaign, we aim to be genuinely helpful to your target audience: we ascertain their needs, pain points, and challenges, and deliver your solution as a value-adding investment through human-to-human conversations in the most appropriate channel.

ThinkLogic Guarantee

We are performance demand generation agency; you pay only for qualified traffic and leads. That in and of itself is our guarantee that you will only be working with the best quality leads and in turn, ensuring a return on your marketing investment.

Our processes are also fully transparent. We will work closely with you as you formulate your strategy, and you will have full visibility on how we craft our messaging, launch and execute your campaign, optimize performance, and turn over results.

We don’t like black boxes, either.

Our Data

We work exclusively with data we have generated in-house, or with second-party data provided by our clients. Our database of over 750,000+ decision makers across Asia Pacific are continually updated, checked for their opt-in status, and scrubbed for accuracy.

In-house database of 750,000+ decision makers in the Asia Pacific region

Pre-qualified and sorted according to their interests

Continually updated and scrubbed