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How to Keep a Helpful Mindset in Content Marketing

What are the two biggest pieces of advice we keep telling our clients? is to first, not overthink lead generation, second, to focus on being genuinely helpful to their audience through content. It’s the mindset that sets the tone and voice of your brand, allowing you to craft messaging that nuanced, natural, and personal. Crafting content this way captures your audience’s emotions, and what better way to be remembered than to make long-lasting impressions of how you made them feel. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you maintain your focus on helping your audience. When writing content, use these as a guide to keep your creation process pointed steady on crafting something that will lead to your audience’s success. Empathize with your audience Understanding your audience lies at the core of buyer persona creation. Understanding your audience may mean knowing their responsibilities and challenges, their associates and the bosses they respond to, and their lines of business and the industries they work with and serve. That’s all well and good, right? After all, that’s everything anyone in charge of generating BANT-like leads are after. Seem to be the only bases for segmentation these […]

Five Free Inbound Marketing Tools (That We Still Use!)

On our previous posts we talked about turning your website into a lead generation machine and how compelling content guided by buyer personas drives in traffic and increases demand. We’ve also come up with the wonderful advice (no sarcasm) of “not overthinking inbound marketing”. When you keep a mindset of being genuinely helpful to your audience, the rest comes naturally. Side note: We’re huge fans of the no-overthinking mantra. It is the goal that drives our design and content decisions, and even extends as far as our product and services lineup. While this mindset sits at the core of our processes, we also realize the potential that lies in optimization. This post will talk all about the five lead generation tools marketers can use to: Maximize traffic. Gain insights from their audience. Automate marketing. Publish better content. Google Analytics Google Analytics is amazing. It’s deceptively simple. It’s the kind of tool you can set and forget. When you come back to its dashboard after a day or two, you will be greeted with heaps of useful insights like: Your most visited pages and posts Your visitors’ behavior flow (where they land, what pages they visit, and where and when they […]

Demystifying Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound marketing and inbound lead generation aren’t exactly new concepts, yet they still make their rounds on headlines every now and then. Many of these headlines say it’s the only way to do marketing in 2018, shunning the more “traditional” and “invasive” outbound marketing methods. Some speak in the context of numbers, pitting inbound against outbound with efficacy and customer preferences as the primary metrics for comparison. Perhaps more recently, there are talks of the GDPR hurting inbound marketing as more and more people are taking back control of their privacy. But what is inbound lead generation, really? Non-overthought answer Without overthinking things, inbound lead generation is simply any marketing activity that increases company visibility organically, and earning and building the trust of the visitors that found them. What sets it apart from advertising is that there is a concept of conversions: a process where you capture your visitors’ information so that you may contact them again in the future for nurturing. In other words, inbound lead generation reverses the roles of marketers and prospects. Instead of focusing on finding the right prospects, marketers spend time increasing brand visibility on search engines by creating and promoting helpful and educational content. It’s […]

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Inbound Lead Generation

B2B marketers looking to generate leads in a sustainable, passive, and cost-efficient method is bound to have heard about inbound marketing and inbound lead generation. And who wouldn’t? Nearly every executive survey ranks inbound channels as their most effective means of driving demand. But what exactly is lead generation? In this comprehensive blog post, we will discuss: What lead generation in general is. How inbound marketing and lead generation works. Tools that will save marketers time from redundant and repetitive tasks. Tips and tricks to get you started in inbound. Inbound lead generation defined Inbound lead generation is any marketing activity with the intent of driving demand through inbound means. It deals with the process of attracting the right audience through: Content and social marketing. Encouraging them to take some form of action in exchange for contact information. nurturing them with highly-personalized offers of value until they turn into sales and, eventually, brand evangelists. Content, social, and SEO sit at the core of inbound. Every inbound marketing campaign consists of a bunch of helpful, educational, and relevant content, timely and consistent social media promotion schedules, and a solid SEO framework. In other words, inbound makes the best use of Web […]

Unsure if tele-lead generation is for you? Here’s a quick guide.

Lead generation through telemarketing is one of the oldest forms of driving product demand. That doesn’t mean, however, that its more technologically-advanced counterparts easily outclass it. Despite its age, it remains relevant in the marketing space owing to its adoption of internet and data-driven tricks. And depending on your needs, it might just be your most effective choice. Among other methods of generating leads, telemarketing has the highest response rate at 10%, followed by direct email marketing at 3.7%, according to a study by the Data and Marketing Association. In terms of returns, telemarketing nets around 19%-20% in ROI, second only to the volume-reliant email at 21-23%. (ThinkLogic incorporates email-based techniques on its telemarketing efforts). If you’re thinking about employing a telemarketing strategy to generate leads but do not have the infrastructure and manpower on hand, having a third-party vendor do it is a viable – and hugely popular – solution. And the benefits extend far past cost-savings and big returns on investments. Getting a lead generation partner means you do not have to invest in equipment and manpower Assembling a team of effective telemarketers can take up a significant amount of time and resources. Setting up the necessary infrastructure, building a […]

There is no B2B Lead Generation – Only H2H Conversations

Simplify the term “lead generation” down to its roots. What it is, when stripped of marketing and business terminology, is essentially a way of reaching out to your potential customers who are the most likely to buy your products or services. To gauge their likelihood of converting to sales, marketers must engage with the prospects in conversation to understand their challenges and needs, and determine how the product or service being marketed can solve their issues and pain points. That’s what lead generation basically is: conversations. Regardless of who initiates it (inbound vs. outbound marketing), or how and where conversations are initiated from (phone, display ads, blogs, videos, etc.) conversations lie at the heart of lead generation. It is the sole activity that must be done well and matters the most; not the numbers, metrics, keywords, or spreadsheets. It is the messaging that reels visitors in, content that engages them in conversation, and the human interaction that prospects feel from your brand that must trump all others efforts. Crafting better conversations Your brand’s messaging sets the tone for all future communications with your prospects, so it’s only logical to do it right from the very first touch point. But how do you do that, exactly? […]