B2B Interest Based Tele-lead Generation – Why it works

B2B Interest Based Tele-lead Generation – Why it works

There is no doubt that cold calling or traditional telemarketing nowadays is no longer as effective as it used to be. With a multitude of platforms available, cold-calling potential clients has received a bad rep being labeled as invasive and disrespectful. Let’s face it, who wants to be cold called and pitched to? With that being said, most agencies have had to adapt to this change and have ventured into email blasting, social media marketing, contact syndication etc. But the truth is, even with the bad rep that cold calling has gotten, it still is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Talking to prospects directly has more traction than emailing them your solutions and hoping they take interest.

Being in the B2B telemarketing business for more than 10 years, we have taken all of the stated facts into consideration and have come up with a way to address the cold calling dilemma. Interest Based Tele-Lead gen was made to counter all of these issues, let’s show you how.


The issue: “Cold Calling is invasive, disrespectful” – Calling a prospect when they least expect it leads to so many questions, making the recipient uneasy and on defensive mode. No matter how good your product or solution is, it will not be received well. Who are you? Where did you get my number? Are you selling something? Some of the many questions that are probably in their minds from the moment you start talking.

The solution: DATA BASE! The main reason why pitching your solution to an absolute stranger wont work is because you do not know what interests them and are just hoping that this is something that they need and are free to talk at the moment.


Our database is categorized by interest (hence the term Interest Based Tele-Lead Gen) meaning each contact has already been spoken to by one of our database researchers and asked basic questions as to what type of solutions their organization needs or are interested in hearing about whether it may be ERP, CRM etc. They are then offered to receive white papers through email related to their interest and asked whether they would like to receive further communication. If they agree, their basic contact details are gathered and is categorized by interest into our database.

Why it works: When a client avails of our lead generation services, we select what data to use for the campaign. Since our data is strategically categorized by interest, it will be a lot easier for our lead generation specialists to provide MQL, SQL types of leads because:

1. We already know what solutions they are looking for.

2. The contacts already know that they will be receiving further communication eliminating the cold calling aspect.

3. We have their basic information (email, direct contact number) meaning getting a hold of them will be much easier.

4. Since we are presenting something that interests them, there is a higher chance of converting them into warm / hot leads.

When these leads are passed on to your sales team they already have been well educated in your solutions and have shown real potential in actual product purchase. Converting them into sales will be a lot easier.

This is one of the most critical parts of B2B lead generation and is why we have a separate dedicated team of data researchers who manually build up our contacts using this strategy. Our interest based Tele-lead generation method has helped some of the biggest names in the technology space because it simply works!

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