Building client relationships

The B2B Marketing and Lead Generation space is a crowded one. Companies often find themselves vying for the same contracts, flaunting years of experience and portfolios and, often, trying to undercut the competition with their pricing.

But when all falls equal, customer service plays the critical role in setting each pitch apart.

According to a survey conducted by SiriusDecisions on the B2B space, most executives still prefer to interact with sales representatives – even truer as prices go up – to complement their own research. This research typically involves looking for customer testimonials and referrals, placing even greater importance in treating clients right.

“Treating clients right,” then, isn’t just about giving the best possible service in line with their needs; It is also about having the most human appeal any business can exhibit for all its potential customers. The assurance of getting the job done with the least cost may land one contract, but it is showing genuine care for the client’s growth – by being consultative, transparent, and reliable – that forges strong, long-lasting partnerships.

Consultation is key

Every B2B marketer should have the client’s well-being in mind when dealing with contracts. This means being inquisitive about the client’s goals and being highly critical of it.

In the heat of competition, it may be easy to simply take campaigns as they are before they end up landing on someone else’s desk. However, this can have fatal consequences when the clients themselves have made hard-to-spot miscalculations on their part.

Consider, as an example, the dangers of sales funnel shortcuts (“Is it time to be setting appointments?“) that some companies find themselves tempted to take. While leads closer down the neck of the sales funnel justify their higher costs with higher closure guarantees (in theory), it isn’t universally applicable to all clients. Brand awareness and volume still reigns supreme especially for companies or products in their infancy.

The job of the B2B marketer is to see himself as the client’s partner, and a partner does all in his power – consult and propose alternative solutions, for example – to ensure that campaigns exceed initial goals.

And this isn’t just out of goodwill. By steering clients clear of avoidable dangers, marketers do two things:

deliver great service worthy of recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals, and

prevent them from moving to “another company who can drive better results” in the future.

Always keep communication lines open

A happy client is a continuously updated client.

We have all been customers, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most annoying customer service mistakes is not being kept up to date on the progress of any project.

The solution is simple: model your business around transparency. Always be ready to provide clients with details as to how their campaigns are doing so far. Never forget to keep in mind that B2B marketers are partners, and a partner ought to walk their “clients” through every step of the way.

Marketers need not look too far into the road or spend too much when planning long-term. Putting heavier emphasis on service by coupling great results and respectable support will help set you apart from the competition, and ultimately have clients coming back for more.

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