Interest-based lead generation stands the test of time!

Interest-based lead generation stands the test of time!

We at ThinkLogic understand the immense potential lead generation through telemarketing holds. Even with its notoriety in the past as a tool that has been abused by many companies to corner respondents into sales, it still is, and continues to be one of the most effective methods of generating leads. Email and social media marketing may have taken the modern world by storm (seemingly to remedy the flaws of telemarketing), but the fact is that nothing comes close to the power of having a deeply personal conversation with prospective customers.

So with all the competing technologies and evolving marketing trends, why is the supposedly generations-old telephone still irreplaceable?

1. “Old-school” telephones are hard to beat.

Ask someone what they think of the telephone. Chances are, they’ll say that it is nothing more than a bundled service for their internet connection and that it’s going the way of the dodo in a few years.

Now, ask someone who spends most of their day in a corporate environment and you will receive entirely different answers. Consumers and end-users may be shying away from being tethered to the wall, but businesses rely on them heavily for internal and external communication needs.

Put simply, the telephone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

2. The combined power of phones and e-mails is a force to reckon with

E-mails are best for delivering the most amount of information within the shortest amount of time – and this holds especially true for highly technical products like software and technology.

However, you can’t just send e-mails and hope that recipients take enough interest to put in effort to contact you. Treating e-mails as a product brochure of sorts and THEN reaching out to discuss the product over the phone works wonders.

Getting your message across and having them remember is the biggest step in leading your recipients down the sales funnel.

3. You get stellar results if you do it right

Don’t go in blind. Get to know the minutiae of your clients’ solutions and come up with a short list of potential customers.

As we have discussed before, lead generation can be streamlined for efficiency and results by keeping a database of potential leads sorted according to what interests them. It is of utmost importance that sales representatives know who they are calling, what problems they face, and how the product that is being pitched can come in to improve their business processes.

Of course, don’t treat lead generation as a game of numbers (that is, to keep sifting through the “no’s” to eventually get a “yes”). Know what you’re there for: not to close a deal, but to get your respondent interested in your product. Do it right and they’ll give you more time, and maybe they will even commit to a purchase outright.

ThinkLogic operates on a unique interest-based lead generation approach. Our ten years of experience in the industry allowed us to refine many of our techniques that are based on tried-and-tested methods to take advantage of constantly evolving trends. Contact us at +65-6715-8452 or email

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Thinklogic PTE. LTD.

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