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What the GDPR means for ThinkLogic

In a move to give back the EU’s citizens control of its data, the EU has passed on the GDPR and was approved on April 26 2016, which will take into effect this coming May 2018. Though EU-centric in nature, the regulation will have – and have had ...
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Telemarketing’s Role in the B2B Buyers’ Journey

It is a common misconception in the B2B industry that telemarketing is limited to activities near the bottom of the sales funnel – implying its limitation for use only on the final stages of the buying process, or to generating hot leads effectivel...
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BANT Leads Defined – Do you really need BANT?

ThinkLogic has been in the lead generation industry for more than 10 years and we have spent a lot of time on the phone with Marketing Managers and salespeople discussing marketing strategies that correlate with sales objectives. One of the questions...
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