ThinkLogic’s FAQ’s – Different Types of Leads & What to Choose

Being one of the very few High Quality lead providers in Asia Pacific, one of our frequently asked questions is “what types of leads do you offer?” Of course, in the marketing world there are many terminologies and classification of a lead and each company has their own respective definition. With that being said, the purpose of this article is to highlight the different types of leads that we are currently offering, enumerate their definitions, and answer other FAQ’s in order for you to have a clearer understanding on what type of lead will fit your marketing strategy.

Knowing how versatile this industry is, we have strategically classified our leads into THREE unique categories: Opt-In, Profiled, and Filtered.

Now before we dive in, we would like to highlight our method generating question: Is this a B.A.N.T lead? Since telemarketing has evolved throughout the years, we have adapted to the times and stepped-up our strategy from traditional telemarketing to Interest-Based tele-lead generation. Using this method means all of the leads that we provide have been carefully refined from database to first contact ensuring over all quality.

All right, let’s begin shall we? The first lead that we are going to discuss is the Opt-in Lead.

1. Opt-In Lead

This lead comes with complete business card details and an opt-in or agreement to receive further communication from a third party (client).

Question: When will you choose to go for this type of lead?

Opt-In leads are meant to create or increase brand awareness of your company and / or solution. This is a great lead to run with especially if you are just new in the market or are introducing a new solution. Some companies feed these leads into their marketing automation tool for further nurturing.

2. Profiled lead

This comes with complete business card details, an opt-in to receive further communication AND responses to profiling questions. Since this is a profiling lead, all answers that the respondent will provide will be accepted (The profiling questions are provided by our client).

For example: “What ERP solution are you currently using?” Regardless of what answer the end user will provide, all data is collected and forwarded to the client in a detailed lead report.

Question: Are these hot leads? How many profiling questions can be asked?

All of the leads that we generate are interest based; meaning interest has already been cultivated. Most of our clients go for this type of lead when generating a specific profile in a target market that would most likely be a match for their company’s product.This enables their salespeople to have a much more concise database to work with having identified several aspects of the respondent already. 4 to 5 none filter questions can be asked.

3.  Filtered Lead

This lead has all the features of the other 2 leads we discussed but is much more detailed oriented. Our Filtered Leads allows our clients to get a much more clearer picture of the respondent, uncovering their needs, issues, pain points and level of interest. When generating this type of lead, we will be asking filtering questions and only accept specific answers from the respondents(based on a agreed criteria). Only the leads that qualify will be passed on to the client.

Question: Is this a B.A.N.T lead?

No. Although our filtered leads are similar to BANT leads, there is a big difference between the 2. Our filtered leads do not cater to BANT type of questions (identifying budget or timeframe).In regards to BANT, a good salesperson would want to start the conversation before the buyer has defined the criteria too deeply and prospects need to speak to directly to salespeople in order to develop budgets. (We will be discussing more about BANT leads in our next article)

thinklogic marketing lead funnel

Being in this industry for almost 10 years has allowed us to learn, evolve and adapt to the ever changing times enabling us to continuously provide high quality leads. We are confident that with our experience and good track record, you can definitely find a solution to fit your requirements.

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