Is it time to be setting appointments?

Is it time to be setting appointments?

Appointment Setting is one of the more sought-after lead generation services here at ThinkLogic. Even though the cost per lead is considerably higher, campaigns pay off quickly due to their unparalleled potential conversion rates. Why it’s an attractive solution is a no-brainer: prospective customers who put in effort to meet with your representatives are the most likely to purchase – and therefore much, much easier to convert to actual sales.

At least that’s the theory.

Sure, appointment setting sometimes delivers higher conversion rates given the right circumstances. But the reality is, at least for us, clients are happier and have benefited more in the long run from choosing our interest-based demand generation techniques.

Why is that? What gives?

As a company who puts your business’ growth before anything else, we’d start off being straightforward with the most glaring fact: leads of this type are a lot harder to find. Among those who are interested in a certain product, very few have the time to meet in person and discuss with sales representatives. And even then, not everyone who have agreed to these appointments are necessarily qualified leads; they may just happen to be free at the agreed schedule. This, without considering that qualifications can differ from company to company as we have previously discussed on our BANT post.

And then there are leads who are unable to show up as arranged (remember, just one no-show is an expensive loss). While we do what we can by turning over two schedules per lead to our clients, some things – maybe their bosses have work for them on short notice – are simply beyond our and the client’s control.

So what now?

We’re not scaring you off appointment setting! As B2B marketers ourselves, why would we do that?

What we are ultimately trying to say is that not everyone needs appointments, and those who do need it aren’t maximizing their appointments’ potential. As appointment setting services have one of the highest costs per lead, you sales team ought to do it right when the set day comes. Clients who have had success with appointments did it with one purpose in mind: demonstrating their products. By putting off the sales talk and prioritizing in getting your message across instead, you make them more comfortable and receptive to information about your solutions.

In the early stages of a product or brand’s release, volume still reigns king. Get as many prospects as you can and nurture those leads, and slowly and strategically lead them further down the sales funnel.

Focusing on the long term rewards you with sales that will dwarf the ones you make in a rush.

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