ThinkLogic is fully compliant with the GDPR. We only qualify prospects who have
agreed to receive further communication from us.

As we nurture leads to become opportunities for our clients’ sales teams, the same set of permissions are acquired and then logged prior to lead turnover. Our messages are clear and concise across every stage of the funnel.

We make our messages for consent clear.
No matter the medium – landing pages, telemarketing calls, non-identifiable information off browser cookies, etc. – we make it very clear to our contacts what information we are collecting and for what purpose. We then ask for permission for continued communication aligned with their interests.

We honour individual rights to be forgotten.
Every unsubscribe, data deletion, and DNC request is honored immediately. No complicated action needed. No questions asked. We honor individual rights to access Within minutes, ThinkLogic can provide a full summary of what we know about a certain contact if they so desire.

We’ve had our own data gatekeeper since day one.
We have a dedicated offer in charge of all database operations. This officer is the sole accessor of the full contents of the database, and all read, write, update, and delete operations will have to go through him. Furthermore, the DPO has deep familiarity with IT systems, and is in constant communication with the IT administration in keeping the in-house system secure and up-to-date.

Our data is physically secure.
We store our data on our in-house server, and the system used to manage the data – which is protected with full disk encryption – can only be accessed through the company private LAN (or a VPN).