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Get highly qualified leads best fit for your business and solution

ThinkLogic operates on a unique interest-based approach. We generate marketing and sales qualified leads based on a process we have been continuously refining for over a decade in the field. Integrating traditional telemarketing with online insights and tools, we find prospects with the highest propensity to convert with extreme efficiency and precision.


Cost per lead pricing model

To guarantee that you get the quality you have come to expect, you pay only for the leads you accept. Our one-for-one lead replacement policy ensures that your campaign remains at peak efficiency, allowing you to easily measure your return on investment.


Interest-based approach

We’ve built our 750,000-strong (and growing) database in-house, pre-qualifying and sorting them according to their pain points, interests, and needs. Drop us a message and we’ll walk you through how we lead them to your team as marketing and sales qualified leads!


Expertise in the Asia Pacific region

Owing to our years of experience in the field, our extensive knowledge of the Asia Pacific market makes cultural boundaries a trivial matter, ensuring that your solutions permeate precisely to IT managers and executives.

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